Holding exhibitions in the  Spivakovska ART:EGO gallery

Ideal location for cultural events and art exhibitions.

Room characteristics:

The total area is 125 square meters;

  • Hall I Area - 37 sq. M .;
  • Hall II. Area - 21 square meters;
  • Hall III. Area - 31 square meters;
  • Kitchen; restroom; pantry; wardrobe.

Capacity: up to 150 people.


  • Interior: classic, modern.
  • Walls: white / silver.
  • Lighting: professional, spot / diffuse, general cold / spot warm light. Lamps with guides, which allows high-quality light on the work of any size.
  • Fasteners: mobile mounts for paintings on modern steel systems.


  • Table (2.21 m): 2 pieces, (2,25 m): 1 piece - for a buffet for 120 people or seating for 40 people.
  • Chest - (used as seating for guests / visitors) - 6 large, 2 small.
  • LCD TV - 2 pieces (the ability to display your advertising information on the screens).
  • Air conditioners - 3 pieces (we have warm! / Cool!)
  • WIFI access.

Organization of the Opening and PR support

  • We will help you organize the opening of the exhibition, attracting the best and proven catering contractors, a concert program of necessity, leading photographers and videographers.
  • Spivakovska ART: EGO has its own PR service, thanks to which we ensure the visibility of your event.
  • Daily administrative support of exhibitions, sale and registration of paintings.

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