ART:EGO Studio

What do American Google and Ukrainian EVO have in common?

The offices of these companies are like a huge cruise ship: at every step - entertainment and food. The floors are equipped with areas for recreation and leisure, there is a playground, a cinema hall, and even rooms for meditation and yoga.

Why is Ukrainian EVO better than American Google?

The fact that now in the office of EVO is Spivakov ART: EGO studio. And each of the 900 employees can discover in themselves the creative talent of painting, improve existing skills, or simply relax in the process of painting a picture.

The creative flow is very important in any sphere of business: it opens a portal from which non-standard solutions to difficult problems come, inspires and motivates, relaxes and makes a person happier!

When such events occur in my life, I understand that I am realizing my mission: to bring beauty and open people to the wonderful world of creativity.

We are grateful to the company's founders, Nikolay Palienko, Denis Gorovoy, Taras Murashko, for their openmind and care for their employees.

And yes. Google now envies you.

They don't have us :)


The opening conditions of ART:EGO Studio can be found here

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