3.12 - 9.12.19 Personal exhibition by Olga Dvoryanska "Synchronization"

3.12 - 9.12.19 Personal exhibition by Olga Dvoryanska "Synchronization"

SHOW OF SILK PICTURES OF OLGA Dvoryanskaya DNA OF HAPPINESS From 3 to 9 DECEMBER 2019, a personal exhibition of silk paintings-shawls Olga Dvoryanskaya, designer, founder of the brand of silk accessories D.OLYA, founded in 2015, was presented. The exhibition will be held at the Spivakovska ART gallery: EGO gallery. The HAPPINESS DNA collection includes 8 paintings dedicated to the search for happiness, love, the philosophy of birth and the infinity of energy. The number “8” was not chosen for a reason - it is dedicated to the cyclical start of the gratitude process, which gives us a sense of happiness. Part of the proceeds will be given to charity.

Pictures 1m by 1m are framed and factory-printed on natural silk. Each picture is a separate story, which is combined with the personal story of the heroines invited to the project. The exhibition also features a photo project and a mini-film with the participation of 8 heroines who shared a sincere story from their lives. The goal that the artist has set for herself is to energize many of us, to encourage the reappraisal of the values ​​and quality of thoughts, to support those who find themselves in a difficult situation, and to show how strong and able we can overcome circumstances at the expense of personal resources.

“This project originated 2 years ago, but it was not time to see. I searched for signs, meanings and symbols in order to finally add a picture. After all, D.OLYA is not just shawls, it is a charm filled with symbols and bringing good luck to its owner. Acquaintance with the stories and the strength of these women helped put the long-awaited puzzle into the DNA project of HAPPINESS.

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