Art project by Spivakovska ART:EGO on Junior Fashion Week

The sentimental art project in the framework of Junior Fashion Week FW 18-19 was held from 4 to 7 October in the Parkovy Exhibition and Convention Center, which forced us to go through all the stages of growing up again.

The exposition was presented in the format of a story retrospective of 22 works by 10 authors, which captured significant moments from the life of a child: from choosing a life path to the womb of a mother.

“We like to study the adult understanding of children through the work of artists: from warm and tender feelings in infancy to dark gray tones in puberty - this is precisely the time when our children grow up and the question arises - what next? Did they get the right education, did they learn the right things? Have you transferred those values ​​you are guided by, or, on the contrary, provided you create your own? What will they become in life? I think any mother asks these questions as soon as her child first slam the door under the influence of a storm of hormones. We are all afraid and love our children at the same time, ”says gallery owner and curator of the exhibition, Lika Spivakovskaya.

We invite you to think about the children, analyze the beginning of their journey and present the future.

The exhibition was held as part of Junior Fashion Week FW 18-19 from October 4 to October 7 at Parkovy Exhibition and Convention Center.

List of authors: Roman Bogdan, Anastasia Sirenko, Semenyuk Yevgeny, Abramova Julia, Koydan Nikolay, Kristina Ridzel, Lika Spivakovskaya, Julia Mikhno, Marina Gromenko, Violetta Monsevich.

Project curators:

Lika Spivakovskaya is a gallery owner, founder of Spivakovska ART: EGO culture center. For 4 years, Lika became the organizer of more than 80 exhibitions in Kiev and European cities: Rome, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Riga;

Julia Mikhno - head of the gallery Spivakovska ART: EGO.


Also at the location was presented the second exhibition of paintings "Mother's Tale."

Collective exhibition of works by Olga Yatsenko, Kati Dudnik and Anna Pronenko with vivid images, understandable to children. "Mother's Tale" is a journey into an amazing adventure with pleasant heroes of fabulous pictures. A fairy tale that teaches good, and that attracts with itself, drawing to the interesting world of creativity and raising interest in painting.

Project curators: Lika Spivakovskaya, Julia Mikhno.

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