13.12 - 27.12.19 Personal exhibition by Mary Vinnikova "Believe in yourself"

Personal exhibition by Mary Vinnikova "Believe in yourself"

Marie Vinnikova will present her works at Spivakovska ART: EGO culture center.

“Only by believing in myself I was able to start writing pictures that now reflect my inner world - sometimes it is bright and cheerful, and sometimes a little sad, but therefore even more beautiful” - says Marie about her new collection. -
"My paintings are not repeated and presented in a single copy. Just as the emotions and conditions in which they were painted are not repeated. Many I wrote under the influence of traveling around the world. Therefore, I named them - in honor of cities and places that I was inspired. Some of the paintings are visual impressions of something beautiful and my interpretation and vision of this, such as, for example, the paintings of Sky.

The opening of the Believe in yourself exhibition will be held on December 13 at 18:30.

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