4 - 11.10.19 Personal exhibition of painting by Julia Polyakova "I.AM.CAT"

October 4 at 7 p.m.  Spivakovska ART:EGO gallery presented a solo exhibition of the artist Julia Polyakova. The exhibition featured a series of mixmedia-style paintings united by the theme of Superheroes. Julia also presented her first book “I.AM.CAT” illustrated with paintings included in the exhibition.

“The Sin City project was originally conceived by me as another series of paintings. This time I chose the theme of Superheroes. In the process of writing the works, I thought about the fact that each of them has a lot of meaning, and I can tell a whole story about each. It was decided to make a catalog with a description. And then it turned out that I (as some say - I don’t know, maybe they lie, because they know that I do not like criticism) I write well. The result is a whole series of stories united by a place where everything happens. This is notorious for Gotham City comic book lovers. Or, as it is also called, Sin City.

Once, while re-reading what I wrote, I realized that I myself served as the prototype of Katwuman's image. So the storyline and the title of the book “I.AM.CAT” appeared, ”says Julia.

Especially for this exhibition, 44 paintings were created in the author’s technique of the artist, which is easily recognizable.

“This is my 7th solo exhibition and my first experience as an author. And since I have a specific sense of humor, I advise you to perceive this experiment accordingly.

Many people took part in this project and I want to say that I consider them worthy to be immortalized in time. For, when our World falls and the next, more perfect humanity finds in my deep underground bunker my paintings that have survived after the nuclear war (and it will most likely be), then they will most likely decide that they depict gods and important persons of the previous civilization. And I will watch it from somewhere above and laugh, laugh, laugh ... ”, the artist continues.


Exhibition opening: October 4 at 19:00. Free admission.

The exhibition exposition is from 5 to 11 October 2019 from 11:00 to 19:00 daily. Free admission.

Address: Kiev, st. Saksaganskogo, 59 B.

Media accreditation: julie@artego.center, (068) 305-40-00



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