30.01 - 13.02.20 Personal exhibition by Iryna Onopenko "Break the silence"

30.01 - 13.02.20 Personal exhibition by Iryna Onopenko "Break the silence"

January 30 in Spivakovskaya ART: EGO Gallery will present an outstanding art project
“Break the silence” of the artist Irina Onopenko. The exhibition will include
painting - new works
last year.

Art, which is based on feelings and emotions, has always been considered the most
sincere and honest. Presenting a new project, the artist Irina Onopenko intentionally
appears to the public emotionally unprotected, completely open to any
the reaction of the viewer. For Irina Onopenko, as for a true artist, it is important
continuous dialogue with the viewer, in which she wants to reach out to minds and hearts,
push people to think. Despite the provocative nature of some
works, they contain the energy of emotional pacifism, creation and harmony,
sometimes expressed in shocking visual images.
We humans begin to grow and develop precisely thanks to the losses that are with us
happen. Any trauma or pain that has caught us
emotionally, leaves its mark. In the process of creating her works, Irina Onopenko
came to the liberation from external adaptive masks, false identities,
which are imposed on each of us by society or circumstances. It allowed her
discover your true "I", getting rid of fears and prejudices. And transferred
pain and suffering led her to the knowledge of the truth, to transformations and rethinking in
her inner world.
The Break the silence exhibition will become a symbolic event for the artist - the result
internal transformations and updates that she is ready to share with the viewer
through his creativity.

Bio: Irina Onopenko - Ukrainian artist. Winner of the All-Ukrainian competition in
Third Millennium Woman nomination in support of cultural integration
youth. Since September 2019, she studies at the Academy of Art Business. Paintings
Irina Onopenko was presented at numerous exhibitions in Ukraine, as well as
are in private collections in Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Greece, Moldova, Romania
and Lithuania.

Exhibition opening: January 30 at 18:30. Free admission.
The exhibition exposition is from 31.01 - 01.13.2020 from 11:00 to 19:00 daily.
Address: Kiev, Saksaganskogo St., 59B.
Information by phone: (044) 246 65 24, (068) 305 40 00
Media accreditation: spivakovska@gmail.com

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