28.11 -03.12.18 Personal exhibition of Sergei Stepanov's painting "Vorskla Shores"

November 28 at Spivakovska ART:EGO gallery with the support of the Ivan Lozovoy fund personal exhibition of Sergei Stepanov "Vorskla Shores" opened.

Sergey Ivanovich Stepanov was born in Okhtyrka (1963) in a creative family. The first attempts to master the brush were made under the direct guidance of his father. After graduating from the Kharkov Artistic-Industrial Institute in 1990, where his tutor and teacher was a Kharkov professor - painter Leonid Chernov, Stepanov worked hard and perfected his skills. Already since 1989 The artist is an exhibitor of numerous collective and personal exhibitions in Sumy, Kharkiv, Lviv, Kiev, Okhtyrka, Swans.

Presented at the exhibition, the works tell about the artist's multi-vector, revealing the faces of his talent, make the melodic strings of the human soul feel. The artist is interested in the art of ancient Greece and primitive cultures. Therefore, exhibition works, where archaic motifs are successfully combined with the present, are marked by philosophical content. Turning to the theme of Trypillya and Scythia, Herodotus Gelon and Biliysk settlement, the author seems to invite to the unknown, tries to acquaint the viewer with the mysterious world of the past, to feel the culture and the life of distant ancestors ("Trypillian visa", "The Shield of the Scythians", "Oria Trypillya"). Peculiar in terms of color, the works of the artist are striking by the bright fading of colors, carry a high emotional note ("The Virgo (Tanok)", "You are king, I am the king, whom will she choose?"). The symbolism of images and colors, the philosophy of content needed from the artist and the corresponding language: stylization, daring forms, lines and local pure colors, laid on the canvas wide planes.The lyrical theme in the work of Sergei Stepanov captures and impresses simultaneously. Understanding the nature of art, reflected in landscapes and still lives, in which the artist sums up the greatness and beauty of his native land, points to the perfection and harmony of the surrounding world: ("Geese Village Kuzemin", "Monastic Meadow", "Khatki Khutir", " The woman is milk "," Still life with pears "). The theme of the Ukrainian village, the way people work always worries the artist's heart, fills it with the content, and, accordingly - finds a positive response in the creative work of the author. Writing paintings that create a sense of joy, he strikes the author's temperament, he gives the best forces of the soul.

You can be talented, but if you do not own a craft, you will never be able to produce your own handwriting, your vision of the image. Designer by profession, artist by vocation, he not only his professional skills, but also the ability to see the world in bright colors passes to students of Okhtyrka children's art school.

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