25-26.07.19 Exhibition by Jacob Goering

On July 26, the Misanthrop Theater presented a provocative photo-project “UBU THE KING” and arranged a challenging “hacking” for the guests of the event.


On the eve of their departure for the Fringe international festival in Edinburgh, the theater team arranged another art-provocation at the Spivakov ART: EGO gallery.

This time the shocking photographer Jacob Goering, as well as the artist and fashion-designer Marina Rybalko had a hand in her. In the center of the project are the heroes of the play “King I will kill you” performed by the actor troupe of Misanthrope Theater.

The presentation itself fully corresponded to the grotesque-aggressive art project. Right in the gallery, in front of the star guests, the characters seemed to be descending from the photo-paintings: they came to life, forced the actors to obey their madness and lawlessness.

The action continued throughout the evening, immersing the audience either in an immersive show, or forcing them to become witnesses of a noisy and brutal performance that gradually moved into the area of ​​happening. Expressive screams and strange cries subsided only to the sounds of a piano performed by the founder and composer of Misanthrope Theater Dmitry Saratsky, and then again broke into the space under the strict guidance of the permanent director of the theater Ilya Moschitsky. During the presentation, Moschitsky dissected his own stage work, trying to find an answer to the question “what is modern art”. He searched for him literally at the bottom of the bucket, in which everyone present together with the participants of the performance added their ingredients: champagne, chocolates, flowers, broken glass and garbage ...

We took part in the provocation, and visited the presentation: Timur Miroshnichenko and his wife Ina, Anton Ravitsky, Diva Monroe, Laud, Svetlana Volnova Alexander Leshchenko and Lina Veres (Foresight Ballet), a leading Glory Solomko, Jan Altukhova Pauline Lavrov, Dmitry Tereshkov, Konstantin Doroshenko , Mikhail Yasinsky, Mikhail Klimenko and Sasha Norova (Adam group) and many others.

Diva Monroe:

“For me, art art photography is an immortal art. Therefore, I am pleased with one more collaboration of actors of the theater with an extraordinary photographer and my close friend Jacob Goering. Frames turned out shocking, very lively and a bit grotesque. Perhaps they are shocking to someone, but I am familiar with the style of the photographer and am glad that he has not changed himself. ”

Svetlana Volnova:

“The exhibition really liked and inspired: it reflects the modern world. In the works of the photographer Jacob there is a mockery, and kitsch, and the pose of today's time. He looks at everything ironically, ridiculing both himself and others. The most favorite work - a portrait of a naked king in the bathroom. I especially want to mention the space in which the photos were exhibited. The Spivakovska ART: EGO gallery has changed today: with the help of various sources of theatrical light (from yellow to crimson hues) the works seemed more voluminous and alive. And also I can not fail to note the excellent sound. It was easy, exciting and inspiring! ”

Divo water, Champe brand and Spell chocolate were welcome to the guests of the evening, and Lika Spivakovskaya warmly welcomed the walls of her gallery.

The author of the photographs, Jacob Goering, said after his debut career in the exhibition:

Truly done !! UBU THE KING exhibition is a challenge not only to society, but also to itself. Calling to leave the familiar comfort zone and plunge into a new, wild and controversial World! The theater “Misanthropus” united us into a single stream of art with a slight “madness”, it seemed a little bit more and we would lose touch with reality! And it was beautiful! This is, first of all, teamwork! Low bow and thanks to each participant of the project! Everyone brought something of their own, in order to get something!

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