23.11 - 29.11.19 Personal exhibition of painting by Mila Tagieva "Clear source"

23.11 - 29.11.19 Personal exhibition of painting by Mila Tagieva "Clear source"

November 23, in the gallery Spivakovska ART: EGO gallery, an exhibition by Mila Tagiyeva “Clean Source” has opened. The exhibition features 40 works by the artist. The value of 40 has deep spiritual roots. It symbolizes a person’s journey through the sea of ​​life to his pure source. This sign can be regarded as a door that is ready to open into a completely different reality. Mila Tagiyeva - Ukrainian artist, designer, public figure of the Assembly of Nationalities of Ukraine. Founder of the brand of clothes and accessories made of crocodile leather “MILA TAGIYEVA”. She is engaged in organizing and conducting charity events and events to help orphans living in orphanages. Mom has two daughters. She graduated from the Faculty of History of Kiev National University. Taras Shevchenko, then - Environmental Academy.

Artistic potential began to manifest since childhood. Her paintings are filled with inner energy, feelings and emotional experiences. Each time in her works, she delves more and more into the theme of the inner world, where through the silhouette she shows the state of human nature. In 2015-2018 her paintings were published in the prestigious international art catalog Musa International Art Space with public presentations in Milan (2016), Paris (2017), Rome (2017), Madrid (2018), Palermo (2018), Kiev (2018). At the III international business forum 2019, she was awarded as one of the most successful Business Woman 2018 according to the version of Business Woman magazine.

From November 23 to 29, Mila Tagiyeva first presented her work at a personal exhibition in Kiev. Exhibition opening partner: TM Perrier.

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