13 - 08/20/18 Personal photo exhibition of Eugenia Fullen "The Wheel of Samsara"

In a series of photographs, photo artist Yevgenia Fullen tried to gather people whose inner strength and perseverance she admires, those who influenced her path and creative development. The path to the art of photography in Eugene began 7 years ago, and this is a third of the life of a young and extremely talented Ukrainian woman. The photo artist creates not just beautiful photos, with each of her pictures she brings us back to the fairy tale we dreamed of as a child.

Each frame has its own story, as in the depicted hero. These works are unique in their own way as the reality is dynamic and changes every fraction of a second.

Evgenia Fullen about the project “WHEEL OF SANSARS”:

“In these photos you will not see the falsehood and banality of the 21st century. There will be no layers of photoshop and custom emotions. Despite the fact that these people are famous and popular, they all had to walk through thorns to the stars, and we would open the curtain of secrets to you. There will be no gossip and yellow press here, only their Sansara wheel will be here. As Jia Marie Karanji said, "Being something else does not mean being someone." So, these people are "someone" with a capital letter. "

Project curators: Yulia Mikhno, Elena Yushchenko, Snezhana Sklyarevskaya.

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