05 - 12.12.18. Personal exhibition of Larisa Uvarova's paintings "From the depths"

On December 5, the Spivakovska ART: EGO Gallery presented a solo painting exhibition "From the depths" by Larisa Uvarova.

Larisa Uvarova is a Ukrainian artist who creates in the style of non-figurative painting. Writes bright abstract images, operating with simple compositional elements: spot, point, line. In the images of the work there is a search for compositional balance and, with it, a combination of bright non-shouting accents. Uvarova's paintings are a symbiosis of painting and emotions. Each canvas is filled not only with the principles of painting techniques, but also with deep emotions and feelings. Balancing the bright elements with more scattered forms, the artist seems to tell us the main line and the message of her work that search is an important aspect and the basis of the movement.

📝 Tell us about the December exhibition “From the depths”. What is her idea? Why such a name?

🎨 The name of the exhibition “From the depths” was not born by chance. Everything in our life is logical and logical. It's time to tell and show the audience everything that has been in me for many, many years: ideas, desires, dreams. I really wanted to capture them on canvas in the form of beautiful, large, stylish abstractions. I really wanted to share my observations and feelings. I wanted to perpetuate them. And in 2017, I realized that it was time to tell YOUR story and create a series of pictures about YOURSELF. It will be honest, understandable, and logically tied on one idea - on me! Each of my pictures is a story from my life; This is a story that I want to convey to the viewer with the help of composition, color solution, format. So I communicate with the audience, enter into a resonance with him. And the most remarkable thing is that people feel me and understand what I want to say ... Despite the fact that I am writing abstractions, my ideas are captured and read.

The exhibition will feature 30 paintings. And each of the pictures is a separate story about me!

The exhibition “From the Deep” is essentially an exhibition-acquaintance with my inner world, acquaintance with me.

🎨 Pictures of the upcoming exhibition are painted in oil on canvas. Why chose these materials?

I really like how oil paints "behave" in the process: they like their texture, the way they blend, creating beautiful transitions. In some works I add gold and silver potal. For me, the "density" of the picture is important, the depth. All my paintings are multilayered, despite the technique of their execution: ironed with a brush or worked with a palette knife. I want, taking a picture in my hands, a person even tactilely feels its plot. Yes it is possible! It has a lot of paint, iridescent and forms. There is always a lot of energy in it, even if it is a romantic, smooth, brush-created work.

By the way, I found my way of rest from active abstractions - I write the seas. Here I will write 2-3 bright abstractions, and then a very calm, gentle sea ...

Every new picture for me is an interest! Interest in what happens in the end. The idea and the tonality of the work is always mine, but the picture itself places the final accents.


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