06.21 - 07.07 Olga Gladushevskaya: Watching from the sky

Olga Gladushevskaya presented her works at Spivakovska ART: EGO culture center.

The theme of the exhibition “Watching from the sky” has been forming all the last year - it has become both observing the outside world from the outside and learning about one’s own emotions at certain moments of life.
The exhibition presents works performed in various techniques.

Olga Gladushevskaya is an artist from Odessa. Works in different techniques. She founded a painting studio where she teaches.

“Painting is always an experiment, the search for optimal opportunities for expressing one’s idea. That is why I work in different techniques: oil, acrylic. I try different styles - abstraction, decorative panels, oil painting on golden backgrounds. I like to look at the sky, look at clouds, I understand how important it is to preserve our nature, how important clean air is and how much cities pollute the atmosphere. Raising my head, I think about the fleeting and unpredictable, because yesterday the sky was different, and what will happen tomorrow ... no one knows. The changeability of form, and at the same time, the immutability of heaven inspired me to a series of these works. Another interesting experiment for me was the performance of the role of Advisor on the IT project Fixarta.com. The guys are developing a web application for registering art objects on the blockchain. I find their solution very timely, because every day we encounter plagiarism (we are not talking about reproductions indicating authorship). We talked a lot and studied the most vulnerable places of the art market, copyright and canvas verification. "I see great prospects in the future of Fixarta, and their invisible watermarks that can be sewn into a digital image became a real discovery for me, as for a person who is far from programming."

The opening of the exhibition took place on June 21. The exhibition is held in a closed exhibition format with a limited number of visitors. In connection with quarantine measures, viewing and sale of paintings are carried out in compliance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

 To view and purchase works, the author asks to follow the rules: enter the room in a protective mask, use an antiseptic at the entrance, observe the distance according to special markings on the floor.

Spivakovska ART: EGO culture center will resume holding cultural events after the removal of the relevant quarantine restrictions.

 In the meantime, the sale exhibition is available daily, from 11 to 19:00.

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