Spivakovskaya Gallery ART: EGO gallery has turned into the SUPERWOMAN gallery.
In our walls, a party was held with the participation of brunch speakers and VIP participants Superman, which was already for the fourth time organized by Katerina Smotrych.
More than 50 entrepreneurs and business professionals gathered in the walls of the art space. In Filadelli, under the strict guidance of painting teachers, Spivakovsk ART: EGO every painting that was painted and shared its story with superhuman.
Non-alcoholic partner - Perrier, partners in a good mood - Fiorelli Prosecco, Beautyful partner - Beaumond, favorite partner - Oscar Dry Clean Studio, specialized partner - NO TABOO, catering partner - CASUAL Catering and delivery. General partner of the SUPERWOMAN forum - Vichy.

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