Presentation of Karl Kuyas-Skrizhinsky’s book “The Shadow Solid”

Presentation of Karl Kuyas-Skrizhinsky’s book “The Shadow Solid”

Carl Cullas is a German author of Ukrainian-Peruvian descent.

His first collection of poetry in Russian, “The Solid of Shadow,” was published by Samit-Knig publishing house (led by Ivan Stepurin) and was presented in Kiev on 12.12.19.

“The Shadow Hard” is a collection of poems written by the author over the past couple of years.
Thanks to poetic typography, supported by the graphics of the famous Kiev artist Nikola Nik, the poet creates non-personalized figures of lyrical heroes, changing their images and characters, the manner of experience and relationships. Based on imagery and objectification, the transfer of feelings, endowing inanimate objects with personification or hypertrophic properties, the author “draws” to the reader his artistic vision of the reality of feelings, including the reality in which he is looking for ways to subjectivize lyrical emotions.

The peculiarity of this publication lies not only in the graphics squared due to the illustrations, not only in the design of the gift format, but also in the fact that it is a kind of handwritten sheets that are enclosed in a cover box without binding. Thus, each separate page divides the book into separate plots, while preserving the internal thematic line passing through the entire collection of curly poetry.

The interior design of the book is supplemented by a small mat, allowing you to select a sheet with your favorite poem or graphic, and insert it into it. An impromptu paper frame is quite symbolic in this context and can quite be interpreted as a “window”. A window into the author’s world of feelings: connecting-disconnecting with the reader, changing the emotional “landscape”, depending on the chosen verbal-graphic motive.

A separate role in the understanding of the book is played by its title - “The Shadow Solid”. The author focuses on the fact that there is nothing more elusive than a shadow, and, at the same time, there is nothing more permanent that accompanies a person all his life, being a dumb witness of the past and present, an obligatory accomplice of the future.

The poetic collection “Shadow Hard” will appear on the shelves of bookstores in Ukraine in the near future.

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