In the footsteps of the Mystery

On July 30, at 19:00, the journey “Following the Footsteps of the Mysteries ...” began, along with the author of the play “Mystery No. 3. Lost Souls”, Gennady Minka, as well as with the leading actor Alexei Gladushevsky. The program included the presentation of Alexei and Demons’s video clip for the song, Angels and Demons, a presentation by the Odessa artist Olga Gladushevskaya, which showed the essence and power of the Mystery work ... Well, of course, all visitors to the event had the opportunity to ask questions during the live communication "to the author and the main character of the play ...

Heroes: Gennady Minka, Alexey Gladushevsky

Recall that in April 2014, the most unique play “Mystery # 3” was released.

And starting from this meeting we will start talking about the real behind-the-scenes of the Mystery ... Each of the participants in the play of Gennady Minky will be able to tell what happened in his life and soul while participating in this magical project called "Mystery" ...

“Mystery # 3” - sensational staging in the small hall of the Palace of Ukraine. The cast is well-known media personalities, and the purpose of the performance is to raise funds for the purchase of special equipment for the OHMADET clinic.

Mystery # 3 is a 18+ play not for children. Psychological statement talks about the delicate matters of the human soul and its transformation in time, about the path a person goes in search of love, happiness, harmony with the world.

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