Art-team building for SPN Communications Ukraine

Every time when we are preparing an exit master class of painting, we prepare very meticulously and experience it as in the exam, although we have already done a lot of them.


Incredibly rejoice when we see children's passion and creative brilliance in the eyes of participants; when they joke, argue among themselves about the color palette, saturation and shape of paint strokes, solve a puzzle in search of a “neighbor on the canvas” .... participate in a creative team building in one word, without even noticing it!


And the most inspiring is the result that we get as a result of teamwork! These enthusiastic "wow!", "Is this really what we drew? !!", "look HOW beautiful!", "This is unbelievable!" are for our team the best praise !! We are grateful to Kyivstar for teamwork and amazing results !!!


Exhausted ideas for team building? We know how to do it with art!


You can order such team building  here

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