Art team building for FreeGen

Recently, our friends from the famous bank have painted a picture better than Van Gogh. Why? Because he is one, and there are a lot of them :). And you can not even imagine what the accounting department can do in a single creative impulse! And would you see IT people - the codes just started to be written by themselves after we drew a matrix with them! The productivity of the marketing department of our client-developer increased by 200% after the group master class of sensual lips in the style of pop art.

Want the same results and increase the loyalty of your favorite employees - give them the opportunity to draw with us!

Our wonderful teachers will be happy to visit your office to fill it with a creative atmosphere! Or, we are waiting for you to visit us. We are ready to host teams of up to 40 people.

We offer:

  • Exit team building workshops for your staff;
  • Group painting with motivational lecture in our walls;
  • Certificates as gifts for your best employees;
  • And much more.

We are pleased to accept your order: +380683054000

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