Art & Wine: in the footsteps of the Venice Biennale

Every year in the world of art there is the largest-scale presentation event of the latest trends in the art industry. Unlike such well-known fairs as Art Basel and Art Miami, the Venice Biennale does not offer art for sale.


Here, in the main and accompanying pavilions, countries will present the latest trends in the development of art, thereby setting trends for the future. This year, the Biennale was named “So that you live in an era of change,” consonant with the eponymous ancient Chinese curse, to which Sir Austen Chamberlain once referred in his speech. According to him, he heard the text from a British diplomat who served in Asia. However, no historical evidence of the existence of this expression was found among the Chinese. This is another myth, and it is the best way to convey the essence of the subject of the Biennale.


Fakes, post-truth, the substitution of concepts - this is what modern society lives by. Therefore, the 58th Venice Biennale presents works that make the viewer reflect on the theme of the fact that modern society lives in an era of instability, where any fact may turn out to be a lie. Art, on the contrary, should help us adapt to a new reality.


The 2019 Art Biennale is called the Biennale Donna: women are assigned the main role in an unstable changing world. Thus, the Ukrainian gallery Spivakovska ART: EGO gallery presented 15 works by Ukrainian artists as part of the Woman’s Essence project from the international association Musa International ArtSpace at a side event at the Biennale. The gallery has been promoting women's Ukrainian art for five years, exhibiting works in Paris, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Palermo, and now in Venice.


In the wake of the Biennale, on June 18, Spivakovska ART: EGO gallery organized a private display of works that were exhibited in the pavilion Palazzo Zenobio. The venue for the event was not the first time when the SkyLine Residences elite residential complex, located at one of the highest points of the Pechersk district, was chosen. In addition to the exhibition in the event space on the 20th floor, the guests were able to evaluate the works of Ukrainian authors in finished apartments, which remained on sale in just a few copies.


SkyLine Residences is a unique project implemented by the American company Amstar Group, which along with advanced technologies in the field of real estate offers the highest level of privacy and apartments not only of different layouts and areas, but also of different degrees of readiness - from apartments without finishing works to fully adapted to life renovated apartments, furniture, appliances and decorative elements. Here, the guests were able to see the works of Ukrainian artists: Anfisa Kass, Anna Gomonova, Valentina Zhukova, Anna Musienko, Irina Tsaritsina, Yulia Poruchnik, Larisa Uvarova, Darya Smirnova, Darya Zaseda, Mila Tagiyeva, Ilona Fedunkyv, Oksana Dobrytsyrye, who will be applied to her work, Anastropy, Darya Zaseda, Mila Tagiyeva, Ilona Fedyunkyv, Oksany Dobrytsy, Ibrahimi Zykryova, Darya Zaseda, Mila Tagiyeva, Ilona Fedunkyv, Oksany Dobrytsyrye, and Vykhrytsyi Zykryova , Julia Mikhno.


At the event, the founder of the gallery Lika Spivakovskaya shared about what she saw at the Biennale and new trends in modern art.


Founder of the interior gallery ENRE and co-founder of the eponymous online showroom, Evgenia Cherubimova, spoke about trends in interior solutions according to the results of the April April I Saloni-2019 exhibition in Milan. Every year, the exhibition presents more than 2000 exhibitors combining design and technology. Eugene investigated this bright event. For more than 8 years ENRE has been engaged in equipping private and public interiors, providing a full range of selection of its various elements: furniture, kitchens, lamps, plumbing fixtures, tiles, doors, parquet, wallpaper, dishes, equipment, carpets. ENRE with the best manufacturers in Europe. All of them are leaders in quality, technology and design. The company provides a high-quality assortment of Italian furniture, lighting and decor. At the same time, in the company's arsenal there are more than 400 factories producing interior items from all over Europe: Italy, Germany, France, America, Spain, Portugal and Denmark, etc.


Marina Yerverdi presented the Italian brand La Perla Home Collection, which won over one million admirers of a beautiful life. Embracing all the qualities of Italian luxury, La Perla has become one of the leading brands worldwide. The success of the brand lies in its DNA - modern technology, stylish solutions, high-quality materials and impeccable reputation. In addition to the beautiful appearance, each La Perla product has a soul, thanks to which we can experience the age-old Italian traditions. The young brand La Perla Home Collection had a great time to prove itself in London, Milan, Asian countries, and now in Ukraine. It is good to know that our country has strengthened its position as a fashion point on the brand map. Thanks to the efforts of Marina Erverdi, the boutiques of La Perla Home Collection successfully function and delight the sophisticated audience in the two largest metropolitan areas of the country: in Kiev and the Dnieper.

The guests were able to enjoy Italian wines from TM "World Wines" and true Italian water from the brand SanBenedetto under the sets of fashion DJ Yana Altukhova. Decorated the event space brand 13th month. Thanks for the photo: Roma Horbun.


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