Evgeniya loves color and texture, finds unusual and strange, but, at the same time, interesting combinations. Avoids unnecessary detail, rejects the unimportant and leaves bare, unadorned essence. Today, her works replenish private collections in Ukraine, France, Canada, Georgia, Germany, Russia, Taiwan, Nigeria, decorate the walls of conference rooms at the HolidayInn Kyiv hotel, the Think Global innovative school, the center for pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery in Kiev. He also has personal and group exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. In particular, she was nominated for the Woman Art award 2020, which will be held in Rome and is certified as an artist of choice by UNESCO.
She draws her philosophy of life, her vision of the world and good things, unusualness in everyday life. Looks for a beautiful expression of even painful and unpleasant circumstances and feelings. Tries to help the viewer look inside himself and look at life from a different angle. Express the ugly through the beautiful, thereby showing the opportunity to live with it and move forward.
“When I look back at my life and think about what used to unite me and the visual arts, I can only remember winning the regional competition in 2000 for the best political poster. There, a cute chicken brought me a certificate with 1 seat and a box of chocolates. But with the end of school, the roads of fine arts and mine parted. Moreover, I would not even say that I was especially interested in paintings and had a talent for creating them.
However, my life has always been permeated with creativity. 15 years of theatrical experience of the actress taught me to feel and open up, accept myself and laugh at the sad, not be afraid to be different and make mistakes, look for depth and essence, and not decorate the surface. In the end, it made a big contribution to my development as an artist. And so, in the summer of 2018, during an evening run, a plot appeared in my head that I wanted to draw. And although I did not know how to implement it, I decided to try it. Therefore, an hour later I was sitting with a simple pencil in my hands, depicting what I had invented. And the very next day brushes, oil and canvas appeared. They were followed by palette knife, easels, lessons, more and more new paintings, projects, exhibitions. Life is very unpredictable and interesting. You never know for sure where it will lead you. But in order for this path to be bright and full, every day I learn to see beauty, feel, love and live. This is what I talk about in my paintings. " - says CHEPURNA.

Lilia is a freelance artist, whose credo is “Keep faithful to your dream in spite of reality”!
Lilia's painting is an inner journey, expression and creation. She creates paintings intuitively, with the help of paints pouring her emotions, feelings, fantasies onto the canvas, putting sacred meaning in the conceived image. In his paintings, the author conveys an energetic message, emotions and the beneficial effect of texture, color and image on the beholder. She is inspired by the knowledge of new, interesting and incredible, as well as creative people with their fantastic aura and desire to create.
Lilia also loves art travel and creates works in interesting places: in the mountains, at the sea, in museums while traveling. Writes only being in a special state of ascent and internal flight.
The artist is a member of "EURASIAN ART UNION" ("Eurasian Art Union") in the "Abstract Painting" department and a participant in many International Exhibitions-Contests: in Rome (Italy), Beijing (China), Swidnik (Slovakia), Budapest (Hungary), Moscow (Russia), Miramas (France) and art residences (at the Andy Warhol Museum of Contemporary Art, SNM-Museum of Ukrainian Culture and the Desiderius Millogo Gallery in Slovakia). He is also a participant of the All-Ukrainian historical and artistic project with the support of the National Reserve of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra as a graphic illustrator (a series of historical comics).
Many of Lilia's works are in private collections abroad, and after the next exhibition they remained in the Shevchenko National Reserve in Kanev.

The artistic practice of Nina Murashkina is sensual and metaphorical, built on her own sexuality and empirical knowledge of herself. The author summarizes the intimate experience and through vivid feminine images reproduces his vision of a woman. Women with ambiguous and discredited positioning today are the Goddesses: both strong and weak, possessing snake flexibility and acute sensuality, rational aspiration and irrational doubt, one that knows how to obey, but more often conquers. She lives an endless pursuit of harmony of all her essences.
Murashkina is inseparable from the heroines, her stories are stories of her own experience and metaphorical self-portraits.


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