ZAGRANITSA: Lidiya Spivakovska: "We became famous all over the world - with zero investment!"
You can create yourself, reach heights in business starting from scratch only if you work without looking up and not slowing down halfway. Business lady, artist and caring mother Lidiya Spivakovska - a vivid example. How to start a business and who needs charity projects, Lidiya told in an exclusive interview for "ZagraNitsa" portal.
OBOZREVATEL: How to have time to do nothing
The most frequent question I asked recently - "Is it possible to have time for everything?". At first I answered, and then just decided to lie: "I have no time," people laugh, I smile at that. It was a time when I was asked about it five times a day - by different people, and it made me think: really how? More precisely, why?
NEWSLINE: Gallerist Lidiya Spivakovska told how to attract attention of buyers to the pictures
The gallery owner, artist and founder of the cultural center Spivakovska ART:EGO Lidiya Spivakovska told about the main trade secrets of the art world. For the potential buyer it is not appealing content of the picture, but the technical method of its execution mystery.
COSMOLADY: Lidiya Spivakovska "Culture and business - this is the future of our country"
LIDIYA - confident and purposeful personality. Bright creative nature and the successful business woman. Her projects are now being implemented outside Ukraine as well.
FPost: At stake - the art
Art is an area in which art work is side by side with profitable business. Therefore it is not strange that people who come to the art industry and the open gallery, not by hearsay knows about marketing. We talked to the founder Spivakovska ART: EGO Lidiya Spivakovska and tried to figure out why it is still important to open art space, and how things work in the art world.
PROMAN: Lidiya Spivakovska: "The belief in success - a real talent"
In the mass consciousness of soviet times entrenched the habit of going to work and receive a salary. Moreover, the priority was just to go to work and not to achieve results worthy of reward. Although twenty years later values have changed, the majority continues to go to work, getting themselves into a vicious circle of dependence on executives, corporate restrictions, lack of time and money for personal development.
New Year's fairy tale "The Snow Queen" came to life on the podium of unique fashion performance
On the eve of New Year holidays metropolitan audience enjoyed extraordinary fashion-performance "Snow Queen" JFStar magazine held at the luxurious decoration of hotel Fairmont Grand Hotel, the producer of which became Lidiya Spivakovska.
PolyArtGallery: The President of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis visited the Ukrainian stand at ART FAIR RIGA 2015.
23-28 November in Riga the international exhibition of galleries and artists from France, Italy, Latvia, Ukraine and the United States was held. Ukraine was represented by Gallery Spivakovska ART: EGO.
PolyArtGallery: Spivakovska ART:EGO presented the catalog of modern art "We contemporary"
November 6, 2015 at 19:00 Spivakovska ART:EGO culture center presented the catalog of modern art "We contemporary" from the world famous MUSA International Art Space.
Last Saturday cultural center Spivakovska ART:EGO celebrated it's birthday. The first thing we were pleasantly surprised - the Art Center, so famous in the world of art and social projects, in fact turned out to be a cozy gallery. And all this, of course, thanks to the incredible activity of the founder of the cultural center, a young mother, successful business-woman, innovator and artist Lidiya Spivakovska.
GOLOS UA: Gallery owner Lidiya Spivakovska: The situation with the protection of intellectual property rights in Ukraine began to change
In Ukraine today there is no way to protect the intellectual rights of the artist who uses author technique when creating a drawing.
PROREKLAMU.COM: Event Design was awarded the Ukrainian Event Awards 2011!
Event Design стал лауреатом премии Ukrainian Event Awards 2011!