Social project "In the name of the future - NO TO WAR!"

The purpose - expression of the relationship, the child experiences to the socio-political situation in the country.

Art should not be active. It should encourage people through the emotions to action.

If you see a beautiful picture – call your beloved; listen to the soft music - invite a girl to dance; read an amazing book - give it to a friend. Enrich yourself with art - enrich the world with art.

The purpose of the video project "In the name of the future – no to war!" was to draw public attention to the problems of perception of war by children.

Discover art in yourself, share your creativity and through it you are able to make a better world and change someone's life. 3000 shares of the video - and maybe someone will change his decision, make a call, put an end to the fighting.


ART:EGO donated money to refugee children

Our team Spivakovska ART: EGO attended the event "Above the Rainbow", which was organized by Simona Borodina.

The event was also attended by kids from the east, which Kyiv became a second home for a while!

We had the opportunity to make our mutual contribution to support the kids! Thank you, our dear subscribers, moms, dads, our children, thanks to whom the society once again gave attention to the problems of the present time!

We are all together and our social programs will continue to help, and the video "In the name of the future" became the starting point for this!

Each share of our video was esteemed by us in UAH 1, and so the kids have received from our team 3000 UAH – according to the number of shares for the first night.



August 5, from 7:15 till 9:00, Spivakovska ART: EGO culture center team has a TV program "Ranok With Ukraine" on TRK Ukraina for breakfast.

Lets remind that the TRK Ukraina asked the exclusive right to broadcast the video "In the name of the future" as social advertising.

Video "In the name of the future – no to war!" received wide resonance: over 1 000 000 of reviews per week on the Internet as well as large-scale broadcast on national TRK Ukraina TV channel and demonstrated on 24 channel in the evening news.

Interview for  the TRK " Ukraina" TV channel



Social video "In the name of the future – no to war" (Part 1)


Social video "In the name of the future – no to war" (Part 2)


IN THE NAME OF THE FUTURE (English version) 

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