15.12 - 29.12 NEW BEGINNING NEW BEGINNING collective exhibition of painting and sculpture
December 15 at 19:00 the SPIVAKOVSKA ART:EGO GALLERY presented an exposition of works by Ukrainian artists within collective exhibition NEW BEGINNING. Participants of the art-project: Daria Maiboroda, Darina Mikityuk, Marina Bindich, Christina Ridzel.
10.10 – 17.10.17 Solo exhibition of Alexandr Tkalenko BURNING MAN “Radical Ritual”
Spivakovska ART:EGO culture center is pleased to announce The Radical Ritual, first solo exhibition of new works by the artist Alexandr Tkalenko. Coming back from the Burning Man Festival which annually takes place in Black Rock desert (Nevada, USA), the author came up with an idea of creating the exhibition Radical Ritual. The exhibition will feature fragments from the life of the Burning Man community, who call themselves Burning Man Family. The festival inspires people to show the world their openness, readiness to experiment and true acceptance of personalities.
Collective exhibition PURE WHITE
As part of the celebration of the three-year activity of Spivakovska ART:EGO culture center on September 16 opens a collective exhibition PURE WHITE.
10.08 – 17.08.17 Iekasova Dasha solo exhibition «Crazy in art»
August 10 in Spivakovska ART:EGO gallery will open a personal exhibition of Iekasova Dasha "Crazy in art".
20.07 – 03.08.17 Yana Panyus personal exhibition «Inspiration Vernissage»
On July 20th, 2017 Spivakovska ART:EGO gallery presented «Inspiration Vernissage», personal exhibition of Ukrainian artist Yana Panyus.
24.05 - 30.05.17 Tatyana Kizeeva photo exhibition «TheWoman : Revelation»
The photo project "The Woman: Revelation" by Ukrainian photographer Tatyana Kizeeva opened on May 24 in the gallery Spivakovska ART:EGO. Photos which were presented at the exhibition revealed real female beauty.
21.04 – 01.05.2017 Collective exhibition «Feelings»
April 21 at 19:00 the Kiev gallery presented an exposition of works by Ukrainian artists within collective exhibition "Feelings". World perception, feelings, emotions - the main components of paintings by Ielizaveta Iadlovska, Mariia Garnik, Larisa Uvarova and Olga Nikitenko.
13.04.17 - 20.04.17 Mariia Garnik solo exhibition "Natural"
April 13, 2017 at 19:00 iMariia Garnik solo exhibition "Natural" opened in the gallery Spivakovska ART:EGO.
07-09.04.17 Daria Zaseda’s Personal Exhibition “Art Is the New Black”
Daria Zaseda’s Personal Exhibition entitled “Art Is The New Black” opens in Spivakovska ART:EGO Gallery on April 7, 2017 at 7 pm.
24.03-02.04.17 Collective exhibition "HATS AND WOMEN"
This spring, gallery Spivakovska ART:EGO surprised by a unique exhibition, where the works of artists were presented, whose passion for painting grew from a hobby into something more serious.
09.03-23.03.17 Anna Gomonova solo exhibition «Art-VOYAGE»
March 9 in the gallery Spivakovska ART:EGO the exhibition of the famous expressionist, singer and TV presenter Anna Gomonova was opened. The model presented in Kiev 21 paintings from the "Art-VOYAGE" series, in which the way of life and culture of Malaysia, Cuba, Greece, Cyprus, Italy and other countries was reflected. The exhibition of her paintings is a fascinating journey through the world through the eyes of a talented, brightly emotional, creatively temperamental artist.
17.02 – 03.03.17 Exposición de Teresa Acinas "Mujer Sueño Pasión"
El 17 de febrero a las 19h se inaugura la exposición personal de Teresa Acinas en la galería de arte Spivakovska ART:EGO con apoyo de la Embajada de España en Kiev, Ucrania.
10.02 - 15.02.17 Solo exhibition of paintings by Maryna Butenko "ADORE"
The talented American artist of Ukrainian origin Maryna Butenko presents a new series of works titled ADORE, which will be at the exposition in Spivakovska ART:EGO gallery 10-15 February 2017.
11.01.17-31.01.17 Lidiya Spivakovska Solo exhibition "Reflection"
Artworks represented in the author's technique of "liquid glass." The exhibition presents two series of works.
25.12.16-3.01.17 Collective exhibition «Still beauty still life»
December 25, 2016 in the gallery Spivakovska ART: EGO will open the exhibition «Still beauty still life» presented by the artist Anna Dakhno and two of her students Maria and Valeriy Kalenkovy.
09.12.16-23.12.16 Anton Frolov Personal exhibition "Vibrations"
December 9, 2016 Anton Frolov opened his personal exhibition "Vibrations" in the gallery Spivakovska ART:EGO.   Traveler. Researcher. Photographer. His works adorn the world gallery and win prestigious international competitions. "Vibrations" by Anton Frolov - a challenge to the historical heritage of humanity by means of high technology.
18.11.16-02.12.16 "Colorisation" Liliya Studnytska solo exhibition
November 18 Spivakovska ART:EGO culture center presented Lviv artist Liliya Studnytska exhibition "COLORISATION". The project consists of 26 paintings and installations. Artist represented by Art Convoy Agency.
10.11.16-17.11.16 Solo exhibition of Lydia Selyanko "Welcome to Paradise"
Bright and sunny images in the paintings of the young Ukrainian artist Lydia Selyanko will open its doors in the art-space Spivakovska ART:EGO culture center on November 10 at 19:00.
28.10.16-08.11.16 Oleg Luniov personal exhibition "Golden models"
October 28, 2016 at the art space Spivakovska ART:EGO culture center an exhibition of contemporary Kiev artist Oleg Luniov was opened.
20.10.16-27.10.16 Exhibition "Stop cancer"
On October 20 within the framework of the social project Spivakovska ART:EGO gallery has opened an exhibition "Stop Cancer". The opening was timed to the Day of the fight against breast cancer. And the project is aimed to return women to the familiar life, after a long, difficult, but successful treatment of breast cancer.
7.10.16 - 21.10.16 Yulia Polyakova Personal exhibition "La vie en rose"
October 7, 2016 at 18:00 will take place opening of the personal exhibition of Julia Polyakova "La vie en rose" in the gallery Spivakovska ART:EGO.
23.09.16-05.10.16 Solo exhibition of Vita Kravchuk, "Elements of Life"
The energy of our lives is created by the 4 elements: fire, earth, air and water. In every period of life we need different verses: you may want to dive into the energy of feelings, enjoy the ease, start to build, gain confidence.
17.06.16-24.06.16 Solo exhibition of Tatiana Bas "On the Verge. Revelation"
June 17, 2016 at 19:00 gallery Spivakovska ART:EGO opened solo exhibition of Ukrainian artist Tatiana Bas "On the Verge. Revelation".
16.05.16-19.05.16 - First solo exhibition of Vitaliy and Veronica Pototsky "The moment"
The best moment is here and now! He will not be repeated more than ever, so it's so valuable. Sometimes you just need to stop and stand still for a moment, hold your breath, keep your eyes wide.
11.05.16-14.05.16 Solo exhibition of Oleg Bogdan «Emotion»
May 11 at 19.00 the gallery Spivakovska ART: EGO opened solo exhibition «Emotion» by famous Ukrainian photographer Oleg Bogdan, collaborating with leading Ukrainian glossy magazines. To be present at the opening of the personal exhibition Oleg Bogdan specially came from Los Angeles.
16.04.16-23.04.16 The first solo exhibition of Alexander Pavlovsky "Chocolate with milk"
Successful businessman, known for his charisma around Kyiv, rigorous approach to business, ongoing development - so we know Alexander Pavlovsky. And very soon he will reveal another facet of himself to us, and will show to all over Ukraine, that great art can be incorporated in each of us.
30.03.16-10.04.16 Solo exhibition of Alena Kuznetsova "In Color"
March 30 the gallery Spivakovska ART: EGO presented personal exhibition of Alena Kuznetsova "In Color."
9.03.2016-20.03.2016 Solo exhibition of paintings by Marina Butenko "Allure"
The talented artist Marina Butenko, a native of Ukraine, lives and works in Los Angeles. Her paintings are represented all over the world. One of the features of the artist's works is their uniqueness.
Exposición photoproject Ucrania-España "ALMAS GEMELAS" feb. 4 hasta 11, 2016
El proyecto ALMAS GEMELAS nació de una idea de fusión entre dos artistas con diferentes orígenes y culturas pero con un mismo concepto, expresar con fotografías experiencias, sentimientos y reflexiones de la vida cotidiana.
17.12.2015 – 03.01.2016 personal exhibition of Katya Dudnik
New Year's Eve, guests of Spivakovska ART: EGO culture center will be able to plunge into the world of fabulous paintings by famous Ukrainian artist Katya Dudnik. The exhibition opens on December 17th, 2015 at 19:00 at the address: Saksaganskogo, 59 B str.
27.11.2015 - 11.12.2015 Joint exhibition "Duet" Oleg Lunev and Anna Kravchenko
The exhibition opens on November 27, 2015 at 19:00. Free entry. Exposure from 11:00 to 19:00 daily in the gallery Spivakovska ART: EGO culture center. Ukraine, Kyiv, 59b, Saksaganskogo str.
7.11.2015 - 13.11.2015 - ART PHOTO-PROJECT
From 7 to November 13, 2015 a photo exhibition ART PHOTO-PROJECT in gallery Spivakovska ART: EGO culture center
18.12.14 - 30.01.15 - ART:CHRISTMAS. Christmas story begins with ART: EGO!
New Year fairy tale in Spivakovska ART:EGO! Talented and incredible artists are united to present their work!
12.11.2014 - 12.18.2014 - Exhibition of paintings by Kirill Fadeev. "18+. Uncensored Canvas"
You can find out more artworks in the CATALOGUE.
Entrance free
Media Accreditation: culture@artego.center, +38068305 4000
19.11.2014 – 01.12.2014 – Exhibition of Oleg Lunyov paintings - FREEUKRAINKA
You can find out more artworks in the CATALOGUE.
Entrance free
Media Accreditation: culture@artego.center, +38068305 4000
30.10.2014 - 12.11.2014 - Exhibition of Olga Koval paintings
You can find out more artworks in the CATALOGUE.
Entrance free
Media Accreditation: culture@artego.center, +38068305 4000
10.10.2014 - 26.10.2014 - Mikhno Julia (Julie) and Helen Yavorskaya exhibition "Magic".
You can admire the paintings and choose something for yourself in the Spivakovska ART:EGO gallery. Exposure time for collection "Magic" - every day, from October 10 to 26, from 11:00 till 19:00. You can find out more about artists artworks in the CATALOGUE.
Entrance free
Media Accreditation: culture@artego.center, +38068305 4000
13.09.2014 - 16.09.2014 - A prior demonstration of lots for charity auction "Art gives life"
Vlada Litovchenko, Diana Dorozhkina, Gregory Reshetnik, Ruslana Pysanka, Marysia Gorobetc, Svetlana Volnova, Svetlana Mitrofanova, Aida Nikolaichuk, Darya Tregubova, Oksana Fursa, brothers Borisenko, Oleg Sobchuk, Igor Posypayko, Konstantin Yevtushenko, Natalia Dobrynskaya at first time present their pictures painted oil, the project "Beauty against cancer."