Anna Gomonova collection of paintings
Anna Gomonova is a hereditary artist in the third generation. The founder of the famous creative dynasty was the grandfather of the artist - Honored Artist of Belarus Vladimir Gomonov. Today in the world of high art this name is represented by his children and grandchildren.
Liliya Studnytska collection of paintings
"My new project is an emotional perception of the nature, composition and tonal experiments that creates special visual effects. In this organic combination of nature with disturbing anticipation of change - emerges true credibility of paintings. All my works are landscapes, but do not look for signs in their specific areas - is a generalized image of the eternal nature", - says about her project Liliya.
Yuliya Poyakova collection of paintings
A series of works "La vie en rose"- about the love of life and the ability to enjoy it. On 20 paintings depict a man and a woman take off their clothes. This process of exposure represents the disclosure of the true nature of man. And if in the human's soul all beautifull and harmonised, then everything around will be decked in bright colors.
Tatiana Bas collection of paintings
The paintings are made in artist gradient manner characterising deep philosophical subjects. Most of all we draw a line that did not even think to cross. We strive forward, open up new paths, undertake the new business, because we are curious ... and curiosity drives us on new roads to new revelations.
Photo project of Vitaliy and Veronika Pototsky
The best moment is here and now! He will not be repeated more than ever, so it's so valuable. Sometimes you just need to stop and stand still for a moment, hold your breath, keep your eyes wide.
Alexander Pavlovsky collection of paintings
Discovered his talent for painting by chance, Alexander is not one of those who stop at the minor achievements. He was one of those who always goes forward demands from himself and from life the best in everything to achieve high results and professionalism.
Maryna Butenko collection of paintings
The talented artist Maryna Butenko, a native of Ukraine, lives and works in Los Angeles. Her paintings are represented all over the world. One of the features of the artist's works is their uniqueness.
Lika Spivakovskaya collection of paintings
Collection of Lika Spivakovskaya, artist, founder Spivakovska ART:EGO culture center
Mikhno Julia (Julie) collection of paintings
A distinguishing feature of Julie's work is a sense-like character where senses and images are in the basis of the work, as well as the material with which she works.
Olga Koval collection of paintings
Olga Koval - a modern Kyiv artist, developed her own author's technique with usage of python skin.